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  Welcome to the Upper Valley United Way
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Why United Way is the best Way to help others in our community...

Thanks to the generous support of people throughout the Upper Valley, our United Way is helping each and every day, all year long.  Here are just four reasons why United Way may be the best way of giving to help your friends and neighbors.

  Over 99 cents of every dollar you give stays right here in the Upper Valley, working hard to address needs and problems that are important to people who live and work where you do.

WE’RE EFFICIENT.  By investing a higher percentage of your gift back into the community than most non-profits nationwide.

WE’RE EFFECTIVE.  Before receiving a penny of your gift, funded agencies and programs must prove they provide needed services that will address prioritized human-service problems.

WE’RE ACCOUNTABLE.  Local volunteers from all walks of life study agencies proposals, determine how to distribute the money United Way raises, and then monitor  how well agencies are using your gifts to address local problems.

Why United Way is good for business...

For Your Company

REDUCED EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM through a network of human-service agencies that provide access to help before problems become overwhelming.

REDUCED EMPLOYEE TURNOVER.  A strong community which cares about its friends and neighbors, encourages people to put down and maintain roots.

INCREASED EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY.  Healthier, happier employees work better.

INCREASED PROFITS.  Greater productivity and lower training costs result in healthier financial statements.

ENHANCED CORPORATE IMAGE. Support of United Way of the Upper Valley, a respected local organization, increases favorable public image.

For Your Employees

SECURITY OF A STRONG HUMAN-CARE NETWORK.  Good, affordable help is available when needed.

WARMTH OF NEIGHBORLINESS.  Contributions to our United Way are used here at home to help people who know each other… Neighbors helping neighbors.

ENJOYMENT OF A BETTER COMMUNITY.  Participation in a stable, reliable, year-round sharing of concern and resources.

ASSURANCE OF THRIFTY DISTRIBUTION of their generosity.  More and better services for every dollar contributed.

VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES in United Way and among many of its member agencies strengthens leadership qualities in the workplace.

Here's how your business can help United Way...

  •   Participate in United Way by conducting an enthusiastic, voluntary payroll deduction campaign.
  •   Invest in the well-being of the Upper Valley community by making a business or corporate gift to United Way as well.
  •   Implement a “New Hires” program to introduce newly hired employees to United Way, and to permit them to participate in the campaign effort right away.
  •   Designate a key employee to participate in United Way’s annual "Loaned Employee" program.
  •   Allow other employees time and opportunities to volunteer for United Way.

Loaned Executives': A win-win program...

Does your business have a one or more new employees eager to know the community? Please consider offering them the opportunity to serve as United Way Loaned Executive. Both your employees and your business will benefit!

Loaned Executives' receive United Way training to enhance their skills in a variety of areas, including marketing, sales and management, public speaking, negotiation and community awareness.  They then “work” for eight hours or less per week, helping make campaign calls throughout the Upper Valley business community during United Way’s 12-week campaign period in the fall.  They help smaller companies organize and run their employee campaigns; and they often serve as United Way speakers' at campaign rallies for larger firms.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit by participating in United Way’s Loaned Executive program, please contact
Dana Hanson at the United Way office in Lebanon.

Loaned Executive Firms

Gateway Motors * Ledyard National Bank * Family Dentistry * NH State Hwy-Grafton * VNA of NH/VT * Pierson & Associates * Hanover Realtor * Fleet Investment *Johnson & Dix Fuel Co.  West Central Behavioral Health * State Line Sports * LISTEN * Golf & Ski Warehouse * Headrest, Inc. Citizens Bank * Great View Roller Rink  * State Line Sports * Saucier & Flynn Landscape Architects  Westaff * Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital  

United Way offers choices in giving...

Upper Valley United Way makes every effort to be responsive to the individual interests and  concerns of our donors, as well as to the needs of our member agencies and the people they serve.  Therefore, our United Way offers donors the following choices in how their gifts will be used.

Donor gifts to this undesignated fund are distributed among member agencies of  Upper Valley United Way in accordance with funding plans that provide help where the need is greatest, and where it will help the most people.  This volunteer
"citizen's review" process is a core value of United Way, and it is one of its greatest strengths.

Donors who have a favorite charity or cause may designate their gifts to one or more specific non-profit, tax-exempt organizations, regardless of the organization’s affiliation with United Way.  Gifts to non-United Way agencies, however, are subject to a small processing fee (5% or $50, whichever is less) and adjustment for uncollectibles.

Occasionally, donors may wish to exclude a specific United Way agency from receiving a portion of their gifts.  Such exclusionary designations pertain only to those agencies which are members of Upper Valley United Way.


United Way adds power to your gift...

When you give to Upper Valley United Way, you join forces with thousands of your friends, neighbors, colleagues and co-workers in making an investment that touches the lives of at least one in every three Upper Valley residents each year.  Your gift to United Way helps ensure that basic human needs are met right here at home.

But giving should be a personal choice, based on the ability to give and our concern for others.  No one can or should tell you how much to give.  Yet, whether you give through payroll deduction where you work, the U.S. mail where you live, or on-line at this website just a small gift each month can make a big difference to people in need.  Consider:

$5.00 PER MONTH 

can provide 12 hot, nutritious meals delivered to the doorsteps of homebound seniors.

$10.00 PER MONTH   

can provide over eight hours of safe, afford-able daycare for six children from low- or middle-income

$20.00 PER MONTH

can provide four home nursing visits to people with illness, injury or disability.

$30.00 PER MONTH

can provide emergency counseling, transportation and immediate safe shelter for two victims of domestic violence.

Pacesetter giving... A symbol of leadership and honor

Much of the success of our United Way depends on the generosity of a very special group of caring individuals we call Pacesetters. These are local people whose individual United Way gifts range from $500 into the thousands. Their leadership sets a course for high achievement throughout the campaign.  And their commitment sets an example for others in our community to join in this spirit of giving.

Like our indigenous trees, Pacesetters share a strength and character that are closely identified with the Upper Valley.  United Way Pacesetters are, therefore, recognized in five different categories:

Birch Circle      Gifts of $500 to $999

Maple Circle    Gifts of $1,000 to$2,499

Oak Circle        Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

Cherry Circle   Gifts of $5,000 to $9,999

Walnut Circle   Gifts of $10,000 and more

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